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Like her Japanese kamikaze namesake, Kimi Kazee has come crashing into the music industry with no holds barred. Based in Montreal, Kimi has a background in spirituality, visual art, and audio production. While she develops her craft in her bedroom studio, Kimi’s creations always come back to identity, individual growth, complicated relationship dynamics, and mental health.


Her debut single, a punch EDM-inspired track, “You Caused It,” was released December 4, 2020 and focuses on the aftermath of a messy breakup. With exposing lyrics, catchy hooks, and haunting vulnerability, Kimi Kazee cements herself in the pop-EDM world with a distinctive sound resembling DVSN, Joji, and Kiiara. 


With her background in audio production, Kimi creates every beat from scratch and developed her craft during her post-secondary education. She fully jumped into her career in 2017 and began strategizing and writing shortly thereafter.

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